Workplace Innovation helps improve performance and working lives by releasing the full range of talent, knowledge and creativity from employees at every level.

Organisational Health Check

A springboard to innovation

Our Health Checks are not about us telling you what is wrong or right with your organisation. They are about your people telling us what is wrong or right, what can be done better, what works really well and what doesn’t.

An Organisational Health Check acts as a springboard with the potential to release innovative behaviour, improve performance, enhance employee well-being and stimulate growth.

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We know the importance of listening to employees at every level in order to understand what is working and what needs to be improved.

Our reports based on employees’ own accounts of experiences at work provide boards and senior management teams with a powerful stimulus for change, and help to define priorities for action.

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Facilitating Change and Innovation

Breaking down walls and ceilings

Workplace Innovation is at the heart of performance, growth and employee well-being. Many see it but don’t know how to implement it.

We help organizations review improvement and innovation practices by breaking down walls and ceilings and creating dialogue across hierarchies and functions so that the better argument always wins.

Workplace Innovation’s facilitators work closely with leaders, managers and employees at every level, understanding their aspirations and strengths as well as what holds them back. We seek solutions co-created by all of the main stakeholders in an issue to ensure buy-in and to minimise resistance to change.

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Working with Boards and Senior Teams

Horizon-scanning, thought leadership and rehearsing the future

What will your business look like in 2024 and what will your role be in leading it?

Seeing the world in a different way should be on the job description of Directors. Change is happening and it can’t be controlled but it can be anticipated.

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Developing Emerging Leaders

From transactional to transformational

The demands of leadership are changing. At a time of significant challenge and opportunity, leaders and managers must drive improvement and innovation while motivation and energising employees. Emerging leaders must migrate from purely transactional management to proactive, transformational behaviour while current leaders must address the question of succession.

But where are the next leaders coming from and what skills and competences will they actually need?

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Interactive Theatre

Using drama to provoke thought and motivate change

Interactive theatre in the workplace is a real eye-opener. It helps to unlock employee engagement and creativity, one of the key challenges in securing successful organisational change, improving performance and enhancing working life – but it does it very differently.

You’ll see your organisations in a completely different and thought-provoking light.

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Presentations, Facilitation and Masterclasses

Stimulating, informing and resourcing innovation and change

Expert facilitation, engaging presentations, creative thinking and interactive theatre are just some of the ways we enhance and enliven conferences, time-out sessions, in-house training and team development workshops.

We can also deliver masterclasses and provide internationally recognised expert speakers covering all aspects of people centres change, employee engagement, high involvement innovation and leadership development.

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Transformational Coaching

Achieving a new culture

We know how to coach – we do it for a living. However, we are also on a mission to help managers and leaders become inspired coaches in their own right and to introduce a coaching culture to their organisations that will achieve sustainable benefits.

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Networking and Knowledge Sharing

Remember, you are not alone

Networking, knowledge sharing, the pooling of ideas and intellectual capital are the dynamics that underpin a sustainable movement of workplace innovation and provide all organisations looking to change and to challenge the future with access to the choices open to them and the experiences of others.

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Flexible ILM Leadership & Coaching Courses 

In-house and Distance Learning

Flexibility in learning is becoming increasingly important in employee development. We are experiencing a significant increase in clients needing a more flexible approach to the delivery of our ILM programmes.

Releasing staff to attend off-site public courses can cause problems for organisations, despite the obvious benefits of individuals from different backgrounds and industries sharing their experiences as they learn together. It is not always convenient for managers to block out days in their diary to attend sessions off-site, on dates that tend to be inflexible.

We recognise this and in addition to our public courses we are able to offer a range of flexible options to make it easier for organisations and individuals to access our ILM Leadership, Management and Coaching programme.

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Improving and Sustaining High Performance 
through Coaching

An innovative programme for aspiring Coaches
(leading to the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
 Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring)

 “With managers under pressure to do more with less there is a strong focus on team and individual performance. Organisations are turning to coaching to help improve performance and build internal coaching capacity rather than relying on external suppliers. There is a shift in role from the “manager as expert” to the “manager as coach”. (ILM Research Report 2013)

A manager with a coaching style of leadership can engage staff more effectively and inspire them to a higher level of performance. It is not only about coaching for improving performance, but creating a team of people who display the behaviours and attitudes necessary to deliver a quality service and who willingly accept accountability for their area of responsibility. 
An autocratic management approach can work and get results, but the drawback is that employees can be disengaged, become outwardly submissive and inwardly rebellious and the potential to do “more with less” is lost.

This practical programme enables participants to develop the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and practical skills to become inspirational leaders and motivate their staff to achieve new levels of performance. As a result, participants will feel more in control, less stressed and confident that their staff are working together to achieve a common purpose.

By completing this programme, you will:

Learn how to improve your competence as a leader and coach.
Apply the principles of effective coaching and leadership.
Apply your learning to real business situations. 
Develop and maintain a constructive and productive relationship with your team.
Use proven coaching tools and strategies to build your team.
Continuously improve team and individual performance.
Improve and sustain morale and motivation in yourself and your team.
Increase self awareness of your leadership style and its impact on others.
Be able to have meaningful and constructive coaching conversations to enable performance improvement.
Increase your confidence and assertiveness when having difficult conversations with others.
Achieve an internationally recognised qualification in Coaching.

The programme is delivered in 5 separate, one-day sessions, spread over a 10 week period, to allow practical application of the learning between sessions. Each session is highly interactive to allow you to explore, discuss and understand the theories behind coaching and leadership and to practice the models and techniques in a safe and non-threatening environment.

ILM Accreditation
Upon completion of the programme and the successful assessment of all assignments, participants will achieve the ILM L5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.

Course Material
Each participant will receive a course manual to support them throughout the programme and provide a reference document to be used long after the course is completed.

This programme can also be delivered in-house.

About the Institute of Leadership and Management
The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is Europe’s leading management organisation. All ILM programmes are built on in-depth research and carefully conceived to meet the skills requirements of the industries and professions in which they are used.
ILM’s membership packages are tailored to deliver comprehensive career-long support, development and recognition to leaders and managers at all levels.

About Workplace Innovation Ltd.
Workplace Innovation, is a not for profit, ethical research and consulting company creating sustainable organisational change through employee engagement. We work with enterprises, large and small, public and private to improve organisational performance and working lives through inclusive dialogue and by releasing the creativity of employees.
Our programmes help to develop the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and practical skills to create inspirational leaders, who motivate others to achieve high performance

Programme Director: Harry Gilfillan
Delivery Team: Rosemary Exton, Harry Gilfillan, Elizabeth McGuirk, Peter Totterdill

Contact us here:
Workplace Innovation Ltd.
54-6 High Pavement
The Lace Market
tel: 0115 933 8321
mob: 07805 121420


Latest News and Events

Latest workshops provide a fasttrack to leadership development Described by one participant as “a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the current landscape of your organisation and develop ideas to drive innovation”, our recent Exeter workshop created such a great buzz that we’ve decided to repeat it – this time in Glasgow and Bristol. The Exeter event attracted companies as varied as including Johnson & Johnson (, Delt Services (, MBDA (, Futures Housing Group (, M-EC ( and Lightfoot, ( and we’re expecting even greater diversity at our next events. Several participants in the Exeter workshop used the event to kickstart their journey towards an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management combined with accreditation as Workplace Innovation Practitioners. Join us in Glas..

As a member of the 2019/20 Fresh Thinking Labs programme, you’ll visit some of Europe’s most innovative companies and meet highly experienced change leaders. Giant companies such as Scania ( and SMEs such as Dutch special needs cycle manufacturer Van Raam ( share a commitment to employee empowerment and a culture of innovation – and they’re willing to share their experiences. And you can even opt to use the programme to support your journey to an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership & Management – your learning and reflections from the visits are part of the assessment. We’ve designed an exciting programme offering you the opportunity to learn from practitioners and thought leaders from several countries. Each visit addresses key workplace practices associated with high performance and great places to work, enabling you to share experiences and practical advice wit..

Recently we enjoyed some delightful and stimulating 'walk and talk' sessions with Edwin Van Vlieberghe (, until recently a Global Vice-President at Bombardier Transportation ( Standing in the middle of Grimspound (, a spectacular Bronze Age settlement on Dartmoor, Edwin pointed out that the unique effectiveness of #workplaceinnovation as a means of enhancing business performance and working lives lies in its insistence on leaders changing themselves as well as their organisations. He went on to share some inspiring experiences from his working life in the rail and automotive industries - and we look forward to hearing more from Edwin when we facilitate Scottish Enterprise's Workplace Innovation Masterclass (http://freshthinkingla..

Former Met Office consultant joins Exeter leadership workshop A diverse group of businesses and not-for-profit organisations from around the UK are gathering in Exeter next month to participate in an innovative leadership workshop programme aimed at providing leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence that enable them to build high performing organisations by fully engaging their people. Led by Workplace Innovation Europe CLG (WIE), participants include Plymouth based shared services company, Delt Services (, Exeter based Lightfoot (, an award-winning, highly innovative vehicle improvement technology business, Midlands-based construction engineering specialists M-EC (, and Macmillan Cancer Support ( Futures Housing Group ( which manages over 9000 properties in the Midlands, and Stevenage based defence manufacturer MBDA (h..